About Zweisterne

zweisterne is a young design business located in Vienna, Austria.




The most individual and magical piece of jewelry out there. The perfect gift for any occasion. For your loved ones and yourself.

"zweisterne" (German for "two stars") is a young design business located in Vienna, Austria. Founded in 2015 by Daniela & Esther Stern a mother & daughter, a herbalist & a photographer.
The connection to nature has always been very important for both of us, and its endless beauty has inspired our lives.
One day we looked at all the herbs Daniela dried to make tea and we thought of how wonderful it would be if there was a way to preserve the structure of the plants. We had the idea, and the wish, to capture these beauties of nature and wear them around our necks.
The reality is that this is really hard to achieve. Dried plants of all kinds break easily. They are very fragile and precious and it is hard to conserve them. We tried a lot of different things to make that dream of ours come true, but nothing seemed to work out. However we just could not stop thinking about how cool it would be to wear what mother earth gives to us, around our necks.
Dedicated to finding a way to do that without using synthetic materials and preservatives, we made countless prototypes, and worked with a lot of different professionals in different countries. Finally we found the ideal people to work with, to create the best product.
Pendants made out of glass and silver turned out to be the perfect protection for our wonderful variety of dried plants. The glass is made in Tyrol, Austria. The silver parts are handcrafted in Vienna, Austria. We use Ögussa-certified silver only.
All our products are completely handcrafted. Every single part and step takes precise work. They are all individually made and we put a lot of love into giving our necklaces their unique look.
From handpicking the plants ourselves, to packaging our unique jewelry into boxes, and sending them to you, everything is supervised and controlled, assuring you of the highest quality possible.
We make sure that every step of our production is as ecological and sustainable as possible.